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Dear valued outfitters and guides,

In the hopes of getting customers on the water sooner than later, many questions are arising about how outfitters can best operate in the COVID-19 climate. One of the most pressing questions is, “How do we increase gear cleaning measures to keep our customers safe?” Cleanliness has always been the goal, but it’s more important now than ever.

How to clean PFDs between uses is one of the most common inquiries we have received. So, we did some research, and here is our recommendation: use soap and water.

For cleaning, soap and water has proven to be both basically safe for the product and effective in killing viruses due to the amphiphiles (fats) in the soap. No need to overspend—any inexpensive non-detergent soap can stop a virus (which is why hand washing is the number one way to stop the spread). The fats in soap dissolve the protein of the virus outer layer and destroy the bond it has with the host, rendering it harmless. This is the same principle in washing clothes to remove viruses or dirt.

In addition to this information, NRS has put together a basic guide to cleaning gear to protect your customers. We wanted to share this information in hopes that it helps answer any questions you may have and get you back on the water as soon as possible.
Read Now: Gear Cleaning Guide »
Please do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss this further.

Thank you,
Read Now: Gear Cleaning Guide
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